YL&C Officers & Committee 2020

Yorkshire Lancashire & Cheshire Border Terrier Club

Officers & Committee 2020


President: Mr Brian Baxter    

   Chairman: Mr Kevin Green . Tel : 01302 726202  Email: [email protected] 

Vice Chaiman: Mrs Diane Bullen. Email: [email protected]

Hon Secretary: Mrs Tina Green.  Tel: 01302 726202 Email: [email protected]

Hon Treasurer: Mrs Anne Heathcote. Tel: 0114 2451218 Email: [email protected]






Due to Retire 2023

Mrs Pat Baxtor

Mr Marvin Wait Tel:07903414844 Email: [email protected]

                        Mr John Thomas Tel: 01709 545071~Email: [email protected]

                Miss Bridget Singh. tel: 01332 882756 ~ Email: [email protected]

       Mrs Sian Mckay. Tel:07736633163 ~ Email: [email protected]


Due to Retire 2024

Mrs Anita Taylor ~ Tel: 01442 07731407240. Email: [email protected]

Mr Ian Bullen ~ Email: [email protected]

Mrs Michelle Clay ~ Email: [email protected]