Yorkshire Lancashire & Cheshire Championship Show. Sunday 26th Sept 2021

                                                                Judge Diane Bullen (Fevstone)

                                                                Best in Show-Alcumlow BloomJW

                                                     Best Puppy in Show- Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky

                                ***Please see Link at the bottom of this page to Joyce Martin Photography ***

Minor Puppy Dog 3-0

1st: T Peacock’s Ragatam Eros *BEST DOG PUP

2nd: J Spence’s Foxwater Captain Scarlet

3rd: D Rogers’s Keebank Double Up

Puppy Dog -3-0

1st: T Jones’s Otteholme Ulysses 

2nd: Mr Mrs & Miss Barber’s Alcumlow Aramis 

3rd: A Harkers Ellenfoot Festive Arrival

Junior Dog 8-1

1st: Fraser & Butler’s Ycart in with Hounds *RES DOG CC

2nd: J & H Gilpin’s Otterbobs Brimmer 

3rd: J Dixon’s Thornheswin Huntsman 

Res: N Anderson’s Sun Stands Still

VHC: P & K Lothian’s Lairehope L’ile D’or

Yearling Dog 3-1

1st: G & S Pickering’s Picer Abraham Darby

2nd:G &S Pickering’s Picer Archibald Findley

Novice Dog 2-0

1st: Tyneotter Sun Stands Still

2nd: M Davies Glenorchy Rooney

Graduate Dog 3-0

1st: C Boyd’s Thornheswin New Beginnings 

2nd: A Johnson’s Blue Duke of Cumbria at Roseghyll 

3rd: B Jepson’s Mysulan Easy Ryder

Post Grad Dog 7-0

1st: L Keefe’s Keebank Just in Time *DOG CC

2nd: M Bailey’s Brankell Big break for Grindelvald

3rd: S & J Ward’s Borderstream Zodiak

Res: V &M Pearce’s Onthill Nighthawk

VHC: M Wait’s Farlacroft My Friend Walter

Mid Limit Dog 2-1

1st: H Metcalf’s Billyboy Blue at Chevinor

Limit Dog 8-1

1st: J Price’s Oxcroft Loganberry 

2nd:J &H Gilpin’s  Ch Otterbobs Tolson 

3rd: S McKay’s Achouffe Mckays’s Fable of Redesholt

Res: J Dixon’s Thornheswin Ring of Fire

VHC: J North’s Northborders Marlon Brando

Open Dog 9-2

1st: J Lee’s Ch Yorkpiece Fiery Lucifer (imp Cze)

2nd: Brewster & Green’s Ch Stowthorney Wicker Man JW

3rd: I & A Higham’s Comberdown Soaring Spirit 

Res: R & E Barrett’s Howthwaite In Voice

VHC: C Archibald’s Lairehope Highland Chief of Tweedburn 

Special Beginner Dog 2-0

1st: Foxwater Captain Scarlett

2nd: Picer Archibald Findley

Veteran Dog 6-0

1st: T James’s Multi Ch Badgerholme Epsom Jet JW ShCM

2nd: D & A Fryer’s Irton Morse Code

3rd: H Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevior ShCM ShCex

Res:C Archibalds Ch Lairehope Lord of the Glen at Tweedburn 

VHC: K & N Yates Bristol Rock the Boat at Bluebabel

Minor Puppy Bitch 10-2

1st: H Houghton’s Foxwater Destiny Angel at Chorbeck

2nd: J Alexander’s Glenbucket Oor Wee Dotty

3rd:B Jepson’s Mysulan Dizzy

Res:C Samson’s Tarkaswell Highland Fling

VHC:A Johnson’s Roseghyll Lady Solitaire

Puppy Bitch 4-0

1st:  K Stockley’s Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky *Best Bitch Pup and BP in Show

2nd: G & S Pickering’s Picer Bess Pool

3rd: T Jones’s Otterholme Underground

Res: A Harker’s Ellenfoot Festive Spirit 

Junior Bitch 9-0

1st: K Foster’s Pebbledyke Pure Theatre 

2nd: K & N Yeates’s Bluebabel Gypsy Heart

3rd: K Stockley’s Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky

Res: J Dixon’s Thornheswin Huntress

VHC: Ingram, Alcorn & Reynolds  Etterburn Mrs Bucket

Yearling Bitch 7—3

1st: R & E Barrett’s Howthwaite Resolution *RES BITCH CC

2nd:C Samson’s Tarkasway High Fidelity

3rd:S Mckay’s Emblehope let’s Dance at Redesholt

Res: JDixon’s Thornheswin Set to Strike

Novice Bitch 9–5

1st: T Peacocks’s Ollieorchid Dame at Ragatam

2nd: M Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Marnie

3rd:P & A Kenyon’s Knowecrag Morning Dew

Res:A Harker’s Fieldsearch Forward Cry

Graduate Bitch 5-1

1st: A Johnson’s Crosby Dark Duchess at Roseghyll

2nd: R & E Wright’s Totherend  Greta Garbo

3rd: Carrickfarm Marnie

Res: Knowecraig Morning Dew

Post Graduate Bitch 8-4

1st: C Samson’s Tarkaswell Sea the Stars

2nd:R &E Wright’s Totherend Myrna Loy

3rd:P & A Kenyon’s Beaconpike Northern Lights at Knowecrag

Res:K Stockley’s Foxfactor Fancy Free

Mid Limit Bitch 7—0

1st: Mr Mrs & Miss Barber’s  Alcumlow Portabella Road

2nd: J North’s Northborders Campari 

3rd: H Houghton’s Blackmine Blue Pearl at Chorbeck JW

Res: A Taylor’s Nottorg Name The Game

VHC:R Wright’s Borderxpress Echo Beach

Limit Bitch 11-6

1st: Fraser & Butler's Ycartt Hunts Bay's N Stays

2nd:A Heathcote's  Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath

3rd:D & A Fryer's Irton Savay

Res: K & N Yeates's Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer at Bluebabel

VHC:P & K Lothian's Lairehope Ocean Charm

Open Bitch 10-5

1st: Mr Mrs & Miss Barber's Alcumlows Bloom JW -*BITCH CC & BIS

2nd: T Peacocks Ch Ragatam Essence JW

3rd:G &S Pickering's Picer Isabel Derby 

Res:R &E Barrett's Howthwaite Gay Dusky

VHC:Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saheath

Special Beginner Bitch 4-1

1st: Bluebabel Gypsey Heart

2nd:Nottorg Name of the Game

3rd:Roseghyll Lady Solitaire

Veteran Bitch 6-3

1st: Crosby Dark Duchess at Roseghyll 

2nd:Brewster & Green's Byrewick Valentine

3rd:M Armstrong's Carrickfarm Mika ShCm JW


Please Visit Joyce Martin Photography to see photos of this show & Joyce Martin Photography for Photos of Class Winners