2015 YL&C Club Shows & Critiques

2015 Championship Show



Left to Right.       Jill Stevens-Res BPIS, Kate Irving -BPIS, Elspeth Jackson- Bitch CC & BIS, Kathy Wilkinson Judge, Hilary Gilpin Res Bitch CC & Res BIS .Jem Thomas  Dog CC BOS, Anna Duxbury Res Dog CC & Karen Johnson Best Veteran.



diamond jubilee

A selection of the Class Winners.



Yorkshire, Lancashire & Cheshire BTC

Saturday 26th September 2015
Judge: Mrs. Kathy Wilkinson (Otterkin)
Entry: 211 Dogs (plus 15 NFC) making 242 Entries

Best in Show: Ch Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone
Reserve BIS: Otterbobs Xolana 
Best Opposite Sex: Daluce King of Emotion
Best Puppy in Show: Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet
Best Veteran in Show: Rexlands Golden Plover By Karison JW

Dog CC: Daluce King of Emotion (Mr. J. & Mrs. H. Thomas)
Res Dog CC: Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow JW (Mr. N. Duxbury)
Best Dog Puppy: Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet (Mrs. K. M. Irving)
Bitch CC: Ch Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone (Miss. E. & Mrs. J. Jackson)
Res Bitch CC: Otterbobs Xolana (Mr. J. & Mrs., H. Gilpin)
Best Bitch Puppy: Cobstoneway Love Song (Mrs. J. Stevens)

Minor Puppy Dog: 8 (0)
1: Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet
2: Karison Kosta
3: Picer Fellenburg
Res: Ridgebow Tracker
VHC: Brumborder Willow Balm

Puppy Dog: 3 (0) 
1: Stineval Basil of Cromlechs
2: Stineval Pontiac
3: Howthwaite Dreams

Junior Dog: 7 (2)
1: Carrock Carnegie
2: Bandicoot Jimmy Choo at Northborders
3: Irton Mountain Dew
Res: Alcumlow Parsley
VHC: Bordurrock Rainbow Rising

Yearling Dog: 13 (3)
1: Stineval Napoleon JW
2: Ridgebow Rifleman JW
3: Flutorum Artful Dodger
Res: Raleniro Second Time Around
VHC: Ploughdown Plato

Novice Dog: 4 (1)
1: Stowthorney Mister Tickle
2: Stineval Pontiac
3: Tyneaster Undercover Agent for Vandamere

Post Graduate Dog: 15 (7)
1: Karison Keiser
2: Derwenthow Basil Brightberry
3: Oxcroft Freelander
Res: Glenbucket Whisky Mac
VHC: Vito Volterra Of Birthwaite

Limit Dog:14 (3) 
1: Daluce King Of Emotion
2: Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow JW
3: Otterwood Caius JW ShCM
Res: Glenbucket Diamond Geezer
VHC: Ravenside Rumours About Caldewgate

Open Dog:15 (4) 
1: Wadesleia Mr Herriot
2: Rus. Ch.Cedarhill No Excuse Needed
3: Ch. Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW
Res: Ch. Badgerholme Epsom Jet JW ShCM
VHC: Ch. Rexlands Cock Robin

Special Beginners Dog:4 (0)
1: Cedarhill Stargazer JW ShCM
2: Raleniro Second Time Around
3: Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM
Res: Hollowoakend Little Wojtek

Veteran Dog: 10 (4) 
1: Ch. Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM 
2: Ch. & Nord Ch Otterbobs Ninezergh
3: StBedehounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro ShCM
Res: Ragatam Hawk At Staynorwood
VHC: Minx's Diamond


Minor Puppy Bitch: 9 (0)
1: Picer Flora Mciver
2: Brankell Double Or Quits
3: Karison Kappuccino
Res: Brankell Double Bubble
VHC: Keebank Withy Song

Puppy Bitch:10 (4)
1: Cobstoneway Love Song
2: Achnagairn Prim N'proper
3: Howthwaite Gold Dust 
Res: Breckgreen Sung Song Blue
VHC: Fehmarn River Ranger

Junior Bitch: 15 (5)
1: Bardenfox Pussy Galore
2: Arjaybe Blue Mist
3: Hemlockstone Diane at Bowdencloud
Res: Alderseadale Heart of Gold 
VHC: Ianteg Red Rubi

Yearling Bitch: 12 (3)
1: Otterbobs Xolana
2: Picer Aimee Vilbert JW
3: Oxcroft Rover
Res: Brumberhill Miss Dior
VHC: Fehmarn Moelwynbach

Novice Bitch:14 (7)
1: Brankell Double Denim
2: Chorbeck Single Lady
3: Fehmarn Celtic Dream
Res: Fieldsearch Mandy 
VHC: Earthdog Kidnap

Post Graduate Bitch: 30 (13)
1: Staynorwood Affinity
2: Daluce Fools Gold 
3: Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin'
Res: Ralenrio Lady Esquire ShCM
VHC: Bardenfox Amazing Grace

Limit Bitch: 17 (8)
1: Emblehope Dance and Dance JW
2: Achnagairn Wild Card
3: Seymours Bubble and Squeak for Raleniro ShCM
Res: McBrock Miss Amelia
VHC: Alcumlow Miss Sixty at Riseburn

Open Bitch: 16 (6)
1: Ch, Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone
2: Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star JW
3: Benattivo Best Bet Karison
Res: Comberdown Thistle
VHC: Ch Ploughdown Placida

Special Beginners Bitch: 15 (11)
1: Ianteg Red Rubi
2: Heatherdrift Harmony at Bluebabel
3: Wings of Speed at Otterpaws
Res: Raleniro New Rose

Veteran Bitch:12 (7)
1: Rexlands Golden Plover by Karison JW
2: Int. Am. Can. Ch. Sulan Fancy That
3: Irton Polka
Res: Valemoss Matilda May at Wadesleia
VHC: Cloudend Wasdalehead of Hollowoakend

Special Dog/Bitch Working Cert: 1
1: Oxcroft Real Deal


Special Classes Judged By Miss Callie Harris
(Judge chosen from Club C list.)

Junior Dog /Bitch: 12-4
1: Karison Kosta
2: Iantag Red Rubi
3: Otterpaws Firebird
Res: Foxcraig Magic Diamond
VHC: Heatherdrift Harmony at Bluebabel

Open Dog Dog/Bitch :14-3
1: Ch Benettivo Best Bet Karison
2: Oxcroft Freelander
3: Otterbobs Xolana
Res: Brumberhill Miss Dior
VHC: Raleniro New Rose




Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire Border Terrier Club Championship show, Longridge Civic Hall, near Preston, Lancashire. Saturday 26 September 2015.

What a privilege to be invited by the Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire Border Terrier Club to judge their Diamond Jubilee Championship show, marking 60 years since the Club was first incorporated. The event was tinged with sadness that their long time Secretary, Mrs Cynthia Knight, could not be here to witness this special occasion. A minutes silence in her memory was called at the beginning of the show. I like to think she would have been looking down on the Club and the show with satisfaction with the way her team have continued to run the Club, always remembering the great influence and impact she and her husband Gordon ("Tag") had on their Club. Also being remembered at the show, were recent sad losses to the breed of Eva Heslop and Kathy Fell and to terriers in general, the redoubtable Maureen Micklethwaite.

Congratulations to the Acting Secretary, Tina and her husband and Chairman, Kevin Green and the rest of the team on a well run show and thanks to my ring stewards, Graham Richardson and Sharon Pickering for keeping everything running smoothly.

A show is not held for the benefit of a judge or a society; it is held for the dogs to be assessed and their owners and exhibitors to have a good day out, win or lose. I therefore hope that everyone enjoyed their day.

Very pleased with the entry of 211 dogs making 242 entries, both in terms of numbers and in depth of quality of the entry. Class entry numbers shown are give or take some catalogue changes during the day, which are reflected in my numbers below. Given that I have previously had to talk about dogs being kept too thin, it was good that there were only one or two dogs who could have done with more weight on them (one especially where I could feel the pin bones protruding), but most of those shown today were in good body weight and condition. While it is a real thrill, it is also a sadness to me to be judging well filled classes of quality dogs or bitches, knowing that some of those I really like have to go card-less, just because of the excellence of the entry.

Many times, in quite a few classes, hard decisions had to be made. Spanning is to me, one of the most important things after breed type (after all, you can span other breeds of terrier and I was looking for a Border!), but even the best typy dogs cannot win if I am unable to span them. A Border that cannot get to ground and back out, is not "essentially a working terrier". There were so many good ones today who were easily spanned, who also had excellent heads and moved so well and who came to hand well when lifted from the floor. Although some I had loved from ringside, were difficult to span and so paid the price, it is surprising that others, who might have looked on the large side from ringside in earlier days, were surprisingly easy to span. Nothing beats getting hands on. Judging by today's quality entry,  I can safely say that the breed is in a good place.

I understand that during the day, a Diamond Jubilee Celebration cake, arranged by Pat and Brian Baxter, was cut into and offered to exhibitors, with a glass of fizz to toast the Club. Special gifts were awarded to each exhibitor/member (one per household) of a glass paperweight bearing the Club's name and notation to celebrate the Club's Diamond Jubilee. I was also pleased to receive one of the paperweights as the judge, along with a nice bottle, thank you!

It was a long day, with a 10am start. In future, the Club may decide to think about an earlier start and while the 2 classes held in the interval were a good idea, I thought, and well received, it did mean that I was not able to ask for the 20 minute or 1/2 hour break I would have preferred, but in the end, while waiting for those classes to be judged, I believe the break lasted around an hour and a quarter (we finished Puppy bitch at 1.25pm but could not get back into the ring to start Junior Bitch until 2.40pm), which put the show's ending back to much later than it might have been. Perhaps if Clubs decide to put on those extra classes, they would best be done either at an Open show, or at a Championship show where the venue is big enough for a separate ring. There was an entry of 26 for the judge of the 2 separate classes. What if it had been 50? Having said that, I offer my congratulations to the society for being innovative and forward thinking on this, but I just think it needs tweaking.

A long day, but a very enjoyable one; thanks again to all who entered under me at this special Diamond Jubilee Show of the Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire Border Terrier Club and thank you to the Club for their hospitality and the lovely gifts.


Minor Puppy Dog (9 - 1 transferred to Puppy Dog)

What an excellent class to start the day.

1st) Irving's Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet. Grizzle and tan dog who was of good size, not overdone in any way, with an excellent head of good proportions of 1/3rd to 2/3rd. Ears dropping forward close to the cheek and a good dark eye. Excellent dark grizzle coat. Good bend of stifle. A little proud of his tail on the move at times, but could not be denied for his overall type and soundness, moving so well both coming and going. He stands over a lot of ground and in the challenge for Best Puppy in Show, he won through with his maturity at nearly 9 months, excellent outline and correct movement.

2nd) Johnson's Karison Kosta. Lighter grizzle and tan puppy of nearly 8 months, who was finer in body than the first but had good bone structure. Loved his reach of neck and his gorgeous otter like head. A very hard decision between these 2 lovely puppies. He too had a good bend of stifle, small feet and a level topline. He carries his tail in a better way, but the first just had the nudge on maturity.

3rd) Pickering's Picer Fellemburg. Lovely length of body on this dark grizzle 7 and 1/2 months puppy dog, with an excellent thick pelt and a good, harsh jacket. Good reach of neck. Another one possessing a good otter like head. 

Res) Duxbury's Ridgebow Tracker.

VHC) McCall and Britton's Brumborder Willow Balm.

Puppy Dog (2 plus 1 transferred from MPD - 0 ab)

1st)  Hamilton's Stineval Basil of Cromlechs. Loved the make and shape of this 9 month old blue and tan dog. Lovely tight, harsh jacket. Had a nice rangy body without being overdone. Good head, though would prefer more fill under the eyes. Still a young dog, with time for the head to develop further. Just right for bone. Moved very well both ways. Finished the picture with a good tail set.

2nd) Gregory's Stineval Pontiac. Very raw 9 months old puppy, being not as mature as his brother today, but showing great potential. He just needs time to develop and a little more confidence in the ring. Nice head with a good ear set. A little bit erratic on the move but that may settle as he gains more confidence.

3rd) Barrett's Howthwaite Dreams. Nearly 12 months old puppy. Just a personal preference here, as for me, he is just a little too long in the body, but he has an excellent thick pelt and a good harsh jacket. A punishing head, with good ear set and nice dark eye. I just preferred the type of the first two placed. He has a good shaped rib, but I found the other 2 easier to span.

Junior Dog (7 - 2 ab)

1st) Fawcett's Carrock Carnegie. Light grizzle dog. From ringside, he may appear a tad strong, but this is the joy of "hand's on" judging, as he spanned easily and had a good layback of rib. Fabulous jacket over a thick pelt. He was very balanced throughout, with a good head and a lovely dark eye. Carrot shaped tail coming straight off his back and a good bend of stifle.

2nd) North's Bandicoot Jimmy Choo at Northborders. Loved this dog as well, he had a lovely head, with ears dropping forward close to the cheek. Racy dog with good coat and pelt and a good length of back.

3rd) Fryer's Irton Mountain Dew. What a  lovely head this dog possesses, with correct 1/3rd to 2/3rds proportions and a great varminty expression. Nice tight coat, if a little short of coat today. Could change places with the other 2 on another day. Another good class.

Res) Barber's Alcumlow Parsley.

VHC) Gillies' Bordurrock Rainbow Rising.

Yearling Dog (13 - 3 ab)

1st)  Horner's Stineval Napoleon JW. Excellent thick coat and pelt on this dog, who possesses a lovely otter like head with a good dark eye and ears dropping forward close to the cheek. A very well balanced dog, though on occasions, not quite so positive in his front movement which cost him higher honours. He could not be denied this placing today in very strong competition in this excellent class of quality dogs. He is just the right size and his overall shape and balance is just right. Finishes the picture with a good tail, well set on.

2nd) Duxbury's Ridgebow Rifleman JW. A very strong contender today for the top place in this class. He has a good head, excellent skull and strong muzzle and good dark eyes. He has a good reach of neck. Along with the class winner, he was another who was easily spanned.

3rd) Castel's Flutorum Artful Dodger. Light grizzle dog who was another one easily spanned. He has a lovely make and shape and an excellent coat and pelt. His otter like head was completed with a nice dark eye and good ear-set. Standing square on, he has a lovely straight front.

Res) Lorraine and Thomas' Raleniro Second Time Around.

VHC) Armstrong's Ploughdown Plato.

Novice Dog (4 - 1 ab)

1st) Brewster and Green's Stowthorney Mr Tickle. Liked this dog in his previous class; that was a very strong class. Coat just a little soft today and he could do with a little more condition. Lovely head and a good straight front. Excellent tail set. 

2nd) Stineval Pontiac.

3rd) Singh's Tyneaster Undercover Agent for Vandamere. Unplaced in his previous class, he is a bit too much up on the leg for me and too long cast. His pelt was not the thickest.

Post Graduate Dog (15 - 7 ab)

Difficult class to judge as a lot of those present were of a stamp which was not really my type, but I did like those which I placed, especially the first three.

1st) Johnson's Karison Keiser. Liked this one very much. In very thick coat and thick pliable pelt, which might look heavy from the ringside, but he was so easy to span. Liked his shape and he has a gorgeous otter like head. Narrow in front without being too narrow. Comes to hand easily. Completes the picture with a lovely short carrot shaped tail, well set on and good steady movement.

2nd) Roberts' Derwenthow Basil Brightberry. Longer cast dark grizzle and tan dog, he stands well over a good amount of ground. Pleasant head, with good dark eye, though would prefer a little more fill under the eye. Good reach of neck and has a good coat.

3rd) Price's Oxcroft Freelander. Very excitable dog. Nice otter like head with short muzzle and ears lying forward close to the cheek. Good straight front and moved well both ways. Good length of back.

Res) Alexander's Glenbucket Whisky Mac

VHC) Clayton's Vito Volterra of Birthwaite.

Limit Dog (14 - 3 ab)

Excellent class with some very good dogs right down to VHC and beyond.

1st) Thomas' Daluce King of Emotion. Set down in perfect order today, with a rich dark grizzle jacket which was turned out immaculately, he has matured nicely from the raw youngster he was. I must admit to liking it when a baby puppy looks like a baby puppy and then matures on; those who are mature too soon, often go over the top, whereas this boy appears to be maturing at a decent pace. He stood out as my winner when I first walked around the class, as he is so well balanced with a lovely, correct reach of neck. Gorgeous otter like head with a good strong jaw and plenty of scope in his under-jaw, he has a good dark eye and lovely well placed ears. The thickest of pelts, loose and pliable, with a well set on tail of correct length and shape. As an overall package, he certainly looked like he could do the job required, if asked to do so, coming to hand so easily and of a good weight to be lifted; he has the correct amount of bone and was in good condition. Pleased to later see in the catalogue that he was sired by my CC winner at City of Birmingham in 2009. On the tape, at the end of my class critique, I have added, in something of a reverent tone "This is one nice dog!". So nice, he later took on the good opposition to be awarded the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best Opposite Sex, where he came to hand a little easier than the Reserve CC winner.

2nd) Duxbury's Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow JW. Running Emotion a close second, this dog has it all in spades. From his rich dark grizzle coat and pliable thick pelt, he has one of the most glorious otter heads I have ever seen and moves so soundly, being in excellent condition with plenty of muscle tone, a sign of a dog with an interesting, happy life too. He is a rangy dog of good type; a very smart dog who catches your eye. A very close decision between one and two here. Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate as in the challenge, he continued to show so well and continued to say "Look at me!!" when some of his excellent opposition were flagging a little. Loved the rapport between owner and handler, which no doubt contributes to his excellent disposition.

3rd) Hollingsbee's Otterwood Caius JW ShCM. Really liked this blue and tan dog, he was another of similar type. Good otter like head, with neat ears, well placed. He has a good reach of neck and a lovely topline and tailset, with a good bend of stifle, moving nicely on good cat like feet. I just preferred the coat on the first two today

Res) Anderson's Glenbucket Diamond Geezer.

VHC) Burke's Ravenside Rumours About Caldewgate.

Open Dog (15 - 5 ab)

Another very strong class with hard decisions here. Some excellent dogs not in quite the best of coats today and in such good company, they had to be down the line, but could change places on another day, in better condition and coat.

1st) Fletcher's Wadesleia Mr Herriot. Although I must have seen him around the ring, I had no idea who this dog was, but loved him. He possesses a very good otter like head with a good flat skull and viewed front-on, he has a good narrow front without being overdone. Viewed from above, he has that correct shape to his rib and body, which is a joy to look at and he was so easily spanned, another capable of getting anywhere required underground. Good strong loin and excellent tail, well set on. Good double coat of correct texture. Straight bone, not being overdone in any way. A very sound, well moving dog, with a good reach of neck, the latter which gave him the class over the second dog. I really thought after judging this class that he might be my CC winner, but in the challenge he flagged a little and seemed to give up. Hope he goes on to win at this level as although at the end, he lacked the showmanship of the others, he has all the qualities required to do the job and comes to hand so easily.

2nd) Tyumentseva's Russian Ch. Cedarhill  No Excuse Needed. Really loved the type on this grizzle and tan dog, although he was just a little shorter in the neck than the first, he has a gorgeous otter like head with an attractive dark eye. Tail straight off the top of the back. Very well balanced dog, with a good bend of stifle and sound movement. Another easily spanned.

3rd) Hall and Ellis' Ch Brackenfell Bok to Bach JW. One of the best heads in the breed, this dog looked immaculate and shows so well. He has good front legs of sufficient bone, although he was slightly wide in front today. He moved really well. Just found him a little difficult to span and so he paid the price today as he was up against 2 males who spanned so easily and also looked the part. Lovely harsh jacket and such a showman, he is indeed a good ambassador for the breed.  

Res) Dickinson and James' Ch Badgerholme Epsom Jet JW ShCM.

VHC) Matthews' Ch Rexlands Cock Robin

Special Beginners Dog (4 - 0 ab)

1st) Speake's Cedarhill Stargazer JW ShCM. Grizzle and tan dog in good hard condition with excellent muscle tone, which illustrates a good life being well lived. It is so nice as a judge to get hands on dogs who are not in soft condition, as all the breed standards ask that we consider the health and welfare of the dogs and to me, that not only means that, so far as we can tell, they are healthy, but also that they are well covered (ie, not kept thin with bones sticking out) and that their condition is good, denoting an active life. So, this boy fulfilled the latter in spades. Good head with correct 1/3rds to 2/3rds proportions, with good reach of neck and straight front and although a rangy dog, he was easily spanned. No need to keep this dog thin for him to be spannable, he was in good condition and looked like he could do the job if required.

2nd) Lorraine and Thomas' Raleniro Second Time Around. Good head with good length of body. Rib of correct shape and carried well back. Tail straight off the top of the back. 

3rd) Taylor's Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM. Thick coat but seems to be on the blow now as a little soft. Good skull but falls away a little under the eye. Moved better today than the Reserve.

Res) Edwards' Hollowoakend Little Wojtek.

Veteran Dog (10 - 4 ab)

1st) Dean's Ch Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM. Love the type on this dog, he has sufficient reach of neck without being overdone and possesses a lovely otter like head with a good strong jaw and correct proportions, with ears dropping forward close to the cheek and a good dark eye. Good straight front with just the right amount of bone. Excellent jacket and pelt and lovely tail coming right off the top of his back, he moved around the ring with presence and vitality. 

2nd) Ch/Nord Ch Otterbobs Ninezergh. Lighter grizzle coat on this longer cast dog, who has an excellent head and moves well. Fabulous topline held on the move and good set on of tail. Older boy but giving nothing away to the younger ones, he keeps his good looks and his soundness to the fore.

3rd) Lorraine's StBedehounds Frank In Sense of Raleniro ShCM. Beat his other classmates as easily spanned. Good head, although he falls away a little in front of the eye and I would have preferred a smaller eye, but he has a good double coat and he moved very well.

Res) Richardson's Ragatam Hawk at Staynorwood.

VHC) Anderson's Minx's Diamond.

Minor Puppy Bitch (9 - 0 ab)

A very hard class with a lot of lovely puppies and I ended the class by thanking the first three placed for making my life difficult!

1st) Pickering's Picer Flora McIvor. Very difficult decision between these first 2 bitch puppies as I loved them both and it was very much touch and go as to which would take pole position. This nearly 8 months old baby had a longer length of body and just seems a little bit more mature at this stage than the second. She has an excellent coat and pelt, with a lovely tail set. Her head is very sweet and feminine. To be super critical, her ears are a little big at this stage, so hope she grows into them as she (and her head) matures. The colouration of her face and ears may be making them look bigger. She has a lovely dark eye. Both first and second placed moved very well for babies and this bodes well for their future.

2nd) Brannan and Kelly's Brankell Double or Quits. Lighter grizzle bitch who was shorter coupled than the first, but she is beautifully put together and I loved her make and shape. My notes say "Very nice baby, with great promise."She has a lovely otter like head and moved very well. Hopefully another star in the making and at just 7 and 1/2 months old, she has time on her side.

3rd) Johnson's Karison Kappuccino. Another baby with a lot to like about her at nearly 8 months old. She could perhaps do with a stronger head, but she has an excellent varminty expression. The 2 above her had a tad more bone, but as she was smaller all through, this did not detract too much. Ticking coming through on her blue and tan coat, though from the ringside it might look too dark, it is on the way to a blue coat.

Res) Tyumentseva's Brankell Double Bubble.

VHC)Rostron's Keebank Withy Song.

Puppy Bitch (10 - 4 ab)

1st) Stevens' Cobstoneway Love Song. Loved this puppy when she came into the ring and told myself that when I went over her, I must make entirely sure that she was the one to top such a good class. She fulfilled all early expectations. Beautiful bitch; I love her balance, with just the right amount of bone and not overdone. Such a gorgeous otter like head. She has a good reach of neck and a good length of back, topped with an excellent thick, pliable pelt with her tail right off the top of her back. She moved very well for a baby (nearly 10 months old) and I was pleased to award her Best Bitch Puppy in Show in some hot competition, with 4 beautiful bitch puppies in the challenge. Pleased to learn afterwards that she is closely related to my Best in Show.

2nd) Fraser's Achnagairn Prim N'proper. Another beautiful 10 month old puppy with a very pretty, feminine head. She was perhaps a little heavier in ear than the first, but that does not detract from her other good qualities. She has an excellent harsh coat covering a lovely spannable body. She too has the correct tailset and a good length of neck. Another very hard decision between these two puppies.

3rd) Barrett's Howthwaite Gold Dust. Really liked this blue and tan bitch, who was just shy of 12 months old. Only not so good in the head as the first 2 placed, as she falls away slightly under the eye, but she has a good large nose and lovely dark eyes. I liked her topline and her tailset and she moved very soundly. Has the stamp to do a day's work when she matures.

Res) Brewster and Green's Breckgreen Song Sung Blue.

VHC) Morton-Shaw's Fehmarn River Ranger.

Junior Bitch (15 - 5 ab)

1st) Moore's Bardenfox Pussy Galore. 11 month old typy bitch who caught my eye the second I saw her. Lovely dark grizzle coat and a beautiful otter like head, leading into good shoulders, with a good reach of neck. She moved very well both coming and going. She has good, small, tight feet.

2nd) Dixon's Foxcraig Magic Diamond. Excellent coat on this beautiful headed bitch. She has a lovely dark eye and moved very well, with confidence, around the ring. Liked her rib cage and the way she comes to hand so easily. She has an excellent thick pelt and plentiful jacket and her tail comes right off the top of her back. Another promising youngster.

3rd) Ruth's Hemlockstone Diana at Bowencloud. Blue and tan bitch with good bone structure. Falls away a little under the eye, but has a good dark eye. One of those which, when viewed from above, has the perfect rib shape and completes the picture with a good tail set.

Res) Chandler's Alderseadale Heart of Gold.

VHC) Richie's Ianteg Red Rubi.

Yearling Bitch (12 - 3 ab)

1st) Gilpin's Otterbobs Xolana. What a star this one is; so well balanced and so typy, she caught my eye on the first go around and continued to hold my attention throughout the class. Could not be faulted for type, soundness and all round good looks. Beautiful feminine head of the best, she spans so easily, comes to hand so easily and has that extra special something which sets her apart. Her coat was immaculate and she can certainly move well on lovely small, tight, cat like feet. What a potential she has for the future. Had never seen her before but hope to see more of her in the future. Very hard decision between her and the second in Open for the Reserve CC, but her type, size, correct bone and balance won through and was pleased to award her the Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show. One to wish to own I think! Final tape notes say "Love her, just love her"!

2nd) Pickering's Picer Aimee Vilbert JW. Unlucky to meet the winner here, this bitch has a good length of neck and back with plenty of scope and moved well on tight feet. She has a good layback of rib and was easily spanned. Liked her head and such a varminty expression.

3rd) Price's Oxcroft Rosa. Lovely balanced bitch with good reach of neck. Typical otter head from this kennel, with a lovely dark eye and keen expression. Oxcroft really does turn them out like peas in a pod. Neat feet.

Res) Ellis' Brumberhill Miss Dior.

VHC) Morton-Shaw's Fehmarn Moelwynbach.

Novice Bitch (14 - 8 ab and 1 withdrawn)

1st) Brannan and Kelly's Brankell Double Denim. Lovely little blue and tan bitch. Just a puppy at 7 and 1/2 months old (litter sister to the 2nd and Res in MPB), but with so much promise, she was one of four puppy bitches who eventually challenged for the Best Puppy bitch award and prompted me to say how lucky we were in the breed to have such bonny babies. She has a very pretty head and a lovely rib shape, easily spanned. Well off for bone without being overdone, she has good small, tight feet so essential in a working terrier. Turned out in excellent condition, she has a lovely reach of neck and a good tail, well set on. Definitely one with much promise for the future.

2nd) Haughton's Chorbeck Single Lady. Unplaced in a previous very strong MPB class, she too is a nice 7 and 1/2 month old puppy with lots of potential, although I would prefer more fill under the eye. Long, rangy bitch, her coat was going over the top and a bit soft, but plentiful. Nice straight front, she moved very well coming and going.

3rd) Morton-Shaw's Fehmarn Celtic Dream. Nice tight coat on this blue and tan bitch. Although she may look black from ringside, there was plenty of ticking coming through underneath her jacket. Excellent straight front and moved very well both ways.

Res) Pearson and Towers' Fieldsearch Mandy.

VHC) Pearson and Towers' Earthdog Kidnap.


Post Graduate Bitch (30 - 13 ab)

1st) Richardson's Staynorwood Affinity. Very hard decision between the first two bitches, as liked the type on both of them, I just preferred the slim bodylines of the winner here. Lovely refined otter like head with neat ears dropping forward close to the cheek. She has a lovely shaped rib which is a joy to behold when viewed from above and is easily spanned. Moved well both ways and has a good thick pelt, finishing the picture with a good tail, well set on.

2nd) Thomas' Daluce Fools Gold. Another beautiful bitch, just slightly shorter in neck than the first. Another with a lovely otter like head, she was beautifully presented in tip top condition. Excellent thick, pliable pelt and harsh jacket, she had good legs with sufficient bone and small, tight, cat like feet. Good topline and another with a good tail, well set on.

3rd) Baxter's Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin'. Nice length of body on this blue and tan bitch, who moved very well. Lovely neck. Needs ticking to start coming through on body (it is through on the legs). Would prefer a little more fill under the eye.

Res) Thomas' Raleniro Lady Esquire ShCM.

VHC) Stewart's Bardenfox Amazing Grace.

Limit Bitch (15 - 8 ab)

1st) Bladen's Emblehope Dance and Dance JW. Blue and tan bitch out of the top drawer, she has a lovely racy body and in the class here, moved very well. A strong contender for higher honours, but for some reason, in the challenge, she was not so positive in front movement. Turned out in immaculate condition, she was a worthy winner here, from her otter like head, down to her small tight cat like feet, with all parts in between matching the breed standard so well, she was easily spanned and had a good shaped rib. Good reach of neck and well off for bone while not being overdone.

2nd) Fraser's Achnagairn Wild Card. Very pretty little bitch with a lovely head with correct 1/3rd to 2/3rds proportions and a dark eye. Although she did not entirely enjoy her showing, she could not help showing off her good attributes. Thick jacket covering a lithe body and good tail well set on.

3rd) Lorraine's Seymours Bubble and Squeak for Raleniro ShCM. More rangier grizzle and tan bitch, she falls away a little under the eye, but she has a good reach of neck and a good topline which she kept on the move.

Res) Mann's McBrock Miss Amelia.

VHC) Tutin's Alcumlow Miss Sixty at Riseburn.

Open Bitch (17 (including 1 transferred from Novice bitch) less 7 ab and 1 withdrawn)

In this class, I was spoilt for choice and ended up splitting hairs. I loved all the first five placed and would have happily given a first and further honours to any of them, such is the joy and the sadness of judging such a good class. Although throughout the show, I was aware that with such a large entry, I needed to crack on and only moved the total classes once, then moved those shortlisted a further time/s, in this class, I indulged myself a little and moved them all twice, as I would prefer to do anyway, if time permitted.

1st) Jackson's Ch Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone. Grizzle and tan bitch so easily spanned and in the final analysis, she came to hand so easily too. I looked at the first three placed and thought, before the final choice, "Who could bother a fox and do damage there?" and this one was, without any shadow of a doubt, the one who came to mind. Good head, with such a varminty expression and lovely reach of neck. Good bone without being overdone and today was in tip top condition with her coat gleaming, harsh and covering a thick, pliable pelt. Although I loved all the ones placed in this class, she stood away for type and soundness and being so easily spanned.  In the challenge, she stood away still and could not be denied the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best in Show, topping a lovely entry of quality dogs and bitches.

2nd) Dean's Cedarhill Wish upon a Star JW. Lighter boned bitch and smaller all through, but with a very pretty otter like head and keen expression, one I have liked from ringside for a long time now. Good ears, well placed. Good topline, with the tail coming straight off the top of the back. Lovely neat feet with a good narrow front. She too was in the best of condition and coat and was a strong contender for higher honours.

3rd) Johnson's Benattivo Best Bet Karison. In very thick coat, this is another beautiful bitch. Perhaps not so strong in head as the other 2, but she has a fantastic thick coat and pelt. She looked like another who could perform as a working terrier and moved very well throughout the class.

Res) Higham's Comberdown Thistle.

VHC) Armstrong's Ch/Ir Ch Ploughdown Portia.

Special Beginners Bitch (15 - 1 not entered in this class, 1 withdrawn and 9 ab = 4 present)

1st) Richie's Ianteg Red Rubi. This bitch was VHC in her earlier class. Like her length of body. Does have a nice head although slightly bigger in ear than I would prefer, she has a good dark eye. Good thick coat. Small tight feet.

2nd) Yeates' Heatherdrift Harmony at Bluebabel. Less coat today than the winner. Falls away a little under the eyes, she moved around the ring nicely in this class.

3rd) Dixon's  Wings of Speed at Otterpaws. Would have preferred a shorter muzzle, but she has a good harsh jacket and ticking is in evidence under the black topcoat. Could do with a nail trim on the front paws.

Res) Lorraine's Raleniro New Rose.

Veteran Bitch (12 - 7 ab)

1st) Johnson's Rexlands Golden Plover by Karison JW. Grizzle and tan bitch with an excellent coat and oh, such a pretty head! Loved her expression. She has a lovely straight narrow front. Excellent thick, pliable pelt and carrot tail right off the top of the back. Very pleased to award her Best Veteran in Show.

2nd) Baxter's Int/Am/GCH/Can Ch Sulan Fancy That. Longer cast bitch, but another with a lovely otter like head with a very keen expression, although she falls away slightly under the eyes. Good harsh jacket. She was easily spanned and her ribs are well laid back. Another with good carrot shaped tail.

3rd) Fryer's Irton Polka. Beautiful bitch with a fantastic jacket and pelt. Lovely otter head with a good dark eye and an excellent varminty expression. Nice size, if a little difficult to span now.

Res) Fletcher's Vallemoss Matilda May at Wadesleia.

VHC) Edward's Cloudend Wasdalehead of Hollowoakend.

Special Open Working Dog or Bitch Holding a Working Certificate (1- 0 ab)

1st) Price's Oxcroft Real Deal. Nice size bitch. Liked her coat and good undercoat. She has a lovely otter head as expected from this kennel. Good straight front and small, tight feet. Moved a little erratically in front but maintained her level topline on the move.

Thanks again to all exhibitors for a super entry for this special celebration show.



Kathy Wilkinson

Otterkin Border Terriers



2015 March Open Show
Yorks Lancs Chesh BTC Open Show
Sat 21st March 2015
Judge: Karen Stockley(Foxfactor)
dogs; 79 Entries: 96

Best in Show: Ridgebow Rifleman
Best Puppy in Show: Hemlockstone Nimrod

Best Opposite Sex in Show: Akenside Calypso
Reserve Best in Show: Akenside Calypso

Best Veteran in Show: Stbedehounds Frank In Sense of Raleniro
Best Dog: Ridgebow Rifleman
Res Best Dog: Kosmic Sun over Karison
Best Dog Pup: Hemlockstone Nimrod

Best Bitch; Akenside Calypso
Res Best Bitch: Picer Aimee Vilbert
Best Bitch Pup: Iacheslei Corylus

Minor Puppy Dog:4-2 

1: Hemlockstone Nimrod 
2: Blewecourt Carpe Ominia

Puppy Dog: 4-2
1: Blewecourt Carpe Ominia
2: Derwenthow Dusty Dogwood

Junior Dog: 8-1
1: Ridgebow Rifleman
2: Picer Just Joey
3: Raleniro Second Time Around
res: Stineval Napoleon 
VHC: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor

Novice Dog: 4-0
1: Ridgebow Rifleman
2: Karison Keiser
3: Keebank Charlies Diamond
res: Fieldsearch Phantom

Post Grad Dog: 8- 1 
1: Derwenthow Basil Brightberry
2: Riseburn Retro
3: Thornyburn Peace Pipe at Wreighaugh
res: Esyntona Reindeer Moss
VHC: Dymanti Roman Warrior 

Limit Dog: 6-0

1: Tojomatt Warlord
2: Akenside Cumin
3: Chorbeck Snowfire
res: Oxcroft Richie
VHC: Blue Boy At Brackenfell 

Open Dog: 3-1 

1: Kosmic Sun Over Karison 
2: Terabyte Red Robin at Blaisdon 

Minor Puppy Bitch: 6-1
1: Iacheslei Corylus
2: Calnestone Alice at Coolins
3: Rexlands Artic Redpoll
res: Foxcraig Magic Diamond
VHC: Hemlockstone Diana at Bowencloud

Puppy Bitch: 8-2 

1: Oxcroft Roadshow
2: Calnestone Alice at Coolins
3: Ellhex Dizzie Miss Lizzie
res: Kenquartz Take A Bow
VHC: Lynsett Bold Spirit

Junior Bitch: 8-3 
1: Picer Aimee Vilbert
2: Tojomatt Integrity
3: Staynorwood Affinity
res: Brumberhill Miss Dior
VHC: Picer Angelica

Novice Bitch: 6-1 
1: Tojomatt Integrity
2: Peakrunner Follow My Dreams
3: Earthdog Kidnap
res: Foxcraig Magic Diamond
VHC: Fieldsearch Mandy

Post Grad Bitch: 9-3
1: Borderxpress Miss Potter
2: Tombac Tara at Vallemoss
3: Rexlands Wheatear
res: Earthdog Kidnap
VHC: Carrickfarm Mara

Limit Bitch: 8-3 

1: Akenside Calypso 
2: Beaconpike Nightsky at Brackenfell
3: Grindelvald Over The Moon at Hemlockstone
res: McBrock Miss Amelia
VHC: Seymours Bubble & Squeak for Raleniro ShCM

Open Bitch: 5-2
1: Benattivo Best Bet Karison
2: Carrickfarm Mika ShCM
3: Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxonheath

Special Beginners dog/bitch: 6
1: Ralinero Second Time Around
2: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor
3: Dymanti Roman Warrior
res: Foxcraig Magic Diamond
VHC: Kenquartz Take a Bow

Veteran Dog /Bitch 3
1: Stbedehounds Frank In Sense of Raleniro
2: Karison Kasper
3: Ragatam Hawk at Staynorwood

Judge's Critique
I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for the judging appointment and for their hospitality on the day,the lovely gifts, also my stewards Alison and Callie and not least the competitors for a lovely entry and for allowing me the opportunity to go over their dogs.I was pleased with my final line ups,some close decisions particularly in the two hotly contested Junior classes where all the placed dogs and bitches could change places on another day.I felt my top winners all met the breed standard in that they would be capable of getting to ground and have the strength and stamina to do a good days work if called upon.There were a few with acceptable level bites,all tails were good,one or two could have been a little cleaner,some that would have benefitted from better coat tidying and presentation and surprisingly one with undescended testicles.However I felt that I was presented with some good representatives of the breed to have the pleasure to go over.

MPD 4(2a)
1 Bryan and Pounder's Hemlockstone Nimrod light grizzle 8mnths of good type and size,built on narrow,racy lines,moved well both ways and covered the ground well going around,masculine good head,nothing overdone,keen expression from nicely shaped dark eye.He had a good double coat if a little soft and plenty of loose pelt,but I heard afterwards that he had been bathed the day before due to rolling in something smelly !Couldn't find anything not to like about this pup and well deserved BPD,BPIS.
2 Wainwright's Blewecourt Carpe Ominia 8mnths darker grizzle with a very good coat and pelt.Bigger boned dog than1st with a good head,spannable but hope he's done his growing,moved well, preferred the size of 1st.

PD 4(2a)
1 Blewecourt Carpe Ominia
2 Robert's Derwenthow Dusty Dogwood,almost 1yr grizzle of good size,another good headed pup,level bite,shown in good harsh top coat,unfortuanately showing no sign of descended testicles,maybe late developer?moved well both ways.

A lovely class of quality dogs which could all change places on another day.Not enough first prize cards.
1.Duxbury's Ridgebow Rifleman 14 mnths grizzle in fit hard condition,liked him for his size and type,typical in head and expression,good bite and strength of muzzle,my notes say,everything in moderation,and so he was,just the right amount of bone and substance,a well constructed dog with a straight front,good clean shoulders,well ribbed back with strong loins,easily spanned,moved with drive from well angulated rear assembly,shown in good double jacket with loose pelt,good length and shape tail which he held well on the move,strode around the ring on neat tight feet,didn't put a foot wrong and well deserved the top spot today,BD, BIS
2 Pickering's Picer Just Joey,also 14mnths grizzle,this was a hair splitting decision,very similar remarks apply to this one as first placed,he has a very good head with keen alert expression,good shaped dark eye,shown in good coat with thick pliable pelt,narrow,straight front,easily spanned,held his top line well going around,a good steady mover

ND 4(0a)
1 Ridgebow Rifleman
2 Johnson's Karison Keiser,19mnths grizzle,nice type with a good head typical of this kennel who's dogs always look happy and show themselves to best advantage,shown in fit,hard condition,again similar remarks to winner apply to this dog who has a great ring presence and unlucky to meet 1st today.

1 Robert's Derwenthow Basil Brightberry 3yo up to size grizzle, good headed dog with a keen expression,good bite and strong jaw,displaying a 'snow nose' today,straight front,well ribbed back,spannable,shown in enough harsh jacket,well set tail which he carried well on the move.
2 Tutin's Riseburn Retro,almost 3yo blue and tan of nice size,built on narrow lines.Good head with a moderately broad skull with neat ears,nice length of neck into good shoulders.Spans easily,good angulation fore and aft,and moves well enough both ways.

LD6(0a) a good class
1 Mathew's Tojamatt Warlord 3yo red shown in good jacket with thick loose pelt,this boy is very alert with a keen expression from well shaped dark eyes,well proportioned head with a strong muzzle,good bite,easily spanned,put down in fit,hard condition and moved with purpose around the ring from well angulated hind assembly.
2 Gosling's Akenside Cumin 2yo grizzle,another with good ring presence,a handy size dog with everything in moderation,lovely expression,good bite with strength in underjaw,shown in very good coat and thick loose pelt,easily spanned,moved with drive and purpose on neat,tight feet with thick pads.

1 Johnson's Kosmic Sun Over Karison 4yo grizzle of good size and proportions,liked him for type,a good headed dog with good bite,shallow stop to moderately broad skull,neat ears,shown in very good harsh jacket with thick loose pelt,easy span,good length of rib,well set and shape tail which he holds well on the move where he covers the ground with good drive from well angulated hind quarters.Res Best Dog
2 Thomas's Terabyte Red Robin At Blaisdon 2yo grizzle,stronger bigger dog than 1st,good head with alert expression,good bite with large teeth,moderate reach of neck,well ribbed back,spannable,lacking top coat today,moved well and held a good top line going around.

1 Harrison's Iacheslei Coryus just 6 mnths grizzle,once she settled on the table a lovely promising puppy to go over,feminine head of correct proportions,good bite ,narrow right through,well angulated fore and aft,harsh coat with pliable loose pelt,looked good in profile going around,held her top line well.BPB
2 Dobson's Calnestone Alice At Cool Springs 7mnths grizzle another promising puppy,with similar attributes and remarks as first,she has a good head with keen,feminine expression,good length of rib,correct shape and length tail,neat feet,in good coat,moved ok.

PB 8(2a)
Price's Oxcroft Roadshow,8mnths blue and tan of good size,feminine ottery head of good proportions,good bite,nicely angulated fore and aft,well ribbed back,easy span,just enough top coat,moved well when settled,lots to like.
2 Dobson's Calnestone Alice At Coolins

Pickerings Picer Aimee Vibert 14 mnths grizzle in a hotly contested class of nice bitches,handy size bitch in good coat,feminine head,good bite,neat well shaped ears,moderate flat skull,came to hand well,easy span,good in rib and length,moved with purpose keeping a good top line and carried her well shaped and good length tail on the move where she moves positively with good driving action.Res Best Bitch.
2 Mathew's Togamatt Integrity,12 mnths lighter grizzle,in fit ,hard condition,well muscled,similar remarks apply as to first,close decision and could change places another day,moved well on neat tight feet.

1 Mathew's Togamatt Integrity,2nd in JB
2 Bates Peakrunner Follow My Dreams 2yo grizzle good feminine head, keen expression from dark eyes,correct bite,shown in good harsh coat with thick pelt,well angulated,nice length of rib,spans well,small tight feet,a little more tidying would enhance her overall appearance,moved ok.

1 Wright's Borderexpress Miss Potter 20mnths grizzle of good size,comes to hand really well,feminine head with a keen but kind expression,correct bite,she has everything in moderation,shown in a good coat with loose pelt,easily spans,well ribbed back,,holds a good outline in profile and covers the ground well when she strides out,moves true coming and going.
2 Moss's Tombac Tara At Ballymoss,3yo blue and tan,liked her for size and type,good bite,ottery feminine head of correct proportions,shown in good harsh top coat with loose thick pelt,lots to like and went really well for her young handler.enough length,easy span and moved well all ways.

LB 8(3a)
1 Gosling's Akenside Calypso 2yo blue and tan,really liked this lovely size girl,a treat to go over,nothing not to like,she has a lovely head with keen,bright expression,so feminine,good bite with strength of under jaw,good reach of neck into well laid shoulders,straight front,stands up well on neat.tight feet,well ribbed back into strong loin,shown in very good coat under which she spans easily,good shape and length tail which she carries so well on the move where she drives forward from well angulated hind quarters,moves true,showed her socks off and pressed hard for the top spot,pleased to award her BB,BOS and Res BIS.
2 Hall and Ellis's Beaconpike Night Sky At Brackenfell 4yo red,slightly larger boned than first,another with a lot to recommend her,good head with correct bite,also shown in good coat with thick pelt,and easy span,similar remarks apply as to the winner here,just preferred the front of 1st placed.

1 Johnson's Benattivo Best Bet Karison 2yo grizzle,another happy dog from this kennel,shown and put down in fit ,hard condition,under her good harsh top coat she spans well,liked her head properties,nothing exaggerated,feminine with keen expression,good bite,well ribbed back,tail well set and carried,sound mover covering the ground well,pressed hard in the bitch challenge.
2 Armstrong's Carrickfarm Mika ShCM 6yo grizzle,quite a showy bitch with a good head with neat ears close to cheeks,good bite with big teeth,moderate length of neck into well placed shoulders.Not the coat of 1st placed today,she is well ribbed back easily spanned,straight front ,narrow right through,sound mover.

Sp Beg D or B 6(0a)
1 Lorraine's Ralinero Second Time Around 14 mnths grizzle dog,3rd in strong JD class,lots to recommend him,he has a good head with correct dentition,moderate reach of neck ,straight front,good angulation fore and aft,spans well,enough length of rib with strong loin,shown in good jacket with loose pelt,moves well both ways,would just like to see him drive out more enthusiastically.
2 Metcalf's Dandyhow Friendly Fire At Chevinor 15mnths grizzle vhc in JD,another good headed dog with correct bite,dark eye giving a keen expression,nicely balanced dog with good angulation allowing him to move well,carried his good length and shape tail well on the move. 

V D or B3(0a)
1 Lorraines Stbedehounds Frank In Sence of Raleniro ShCM 7yo blue and tan,alert well balanced dog with a good masculine head,keen expression from dark well shaped eyes.correct bite,spanned well,workmanlike dog shown in harsh jacket,moved ok. BVIS
2 Johnson's Karison Kaper 9yo dark grizzle,another with a good masculine head with correct bite,a little deeper in body than winner,shown in harsh top coat,spannable,just preferred front movement of 1st placed.

Judge Karen Stockley
2015 January Open Show 
Yorks Lancs & Cheshire BTC Open Show
Sat 31st Jan 2015
Judge: Claire Tutin (Riseburn)
Dogs: 84 Entries: 100

Best in Show:-Picer Aimee Vilbert
Best Puppy in Show:- Lynsett Bold Spirit

Best Opposite Sex in Show: - Wadesleia Mr Herriot
Reserve Best in Show:-Wadesleia Mr Herriot
Reserve Best Puppy in Show:- Lynsett Bold Spirit

Best Dog: Wadesleia Mr Herriot (Mr A And Mrs H Fletcher)
Res Best Dog: Chorbeck Snow Fire ( Mrs H Houghton)
Best Dog Pup: Alcumlow Parsley (Mr Mrs & Miss Barber)

Best Bitch; Picer Amiee Vilbert  (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)
Res Best Bitch: Alcumlow Azure (Mr Mrs & Miss Barber)
Best Bitch Pup: Lynsett Bold Spirit (Mrs L McFarlane)

Best Veteran in Show:-(Mr R & Mrs E Wright) Totherend Blue Bell O' Ball

 Minor Puppy Dog: 7-0 

1: Alcumlow Parsley 
2: Hemlockstone Nimrod
3: Totherend Blues N' Twos

Puppy Dog: 4- 2 
1: Marton Magic Mit Chorbeck
2: Derwenthow Dusty Dogwood

Junior Dog:4-2 
1: Crazytrain Pilgrim to Chatmoss 
2: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor

Novice Dog: 2 -2AB

Post Grad Dog: 8-5 
1: Chorbeck Snowberry
2: Derwenthow Basil Brightberry 
3: Dymanti Roman Warrior

Limit Dog: 9 -5 
1: Wadesleia Mr Herriot
2: Akenside Cumin
3: Comjets California
4: Hobholt Hi Roller

Open Dog: 3-0

1: Boretta Boy Wonder at Manorcroft
2: Alcumlow Solitaire
3: Grettacs the Wizard


Minor Puppy Bitch: 5-2 
1: Lynsett Bold Spirit
2: Hemlockstone Diane at Bowencloud
3: Foxcraig Magic Diamond

Puppy Bitch: 6-1 
1: Ellhex Dizzie Miss Lizzie
2: Kenquartz Take A Bow
3: Rhozzum Glensi
res: Derwenthow Fairie Queen
VHC: Peakrunner Endurance

Junior Bitch: 10-5
1: Picer Amiee Vilbert
2: Brumberhill Miss Dior 
3: McBrock Miss Amelia 
res: Chorbeck Heartbreaker
VHC: Picer Angelica 

Novice Bitch:6-4 
1: Peakrunner Follow my Dreams
2: Foxcraig Magic Diamond

Post Grad Bitch: 11-2 
1: Alcumlow Azure
2: Tombac Tara at Vallemoss
3: Blaisdon Starlight
res: Dassett Tiggiwinkle
VHC: Darkamar Heartbreaker

Limit Bitch:8-2 
1: Akenside Calypso
2: Foxcraig Touch of Magic for Dexlin 
3: Wadesleia Woodland Ringlet
res: Chorbeck Snow Angel
VHC: Mickletweed Maggie May

Open Bitch:7-4 
1: Ch Manorcroft Rock On Ruby
2: Carrickfarm Mika
3: Vallamoss Drama Queen via Saxonheath 

Special Beginners dog/bitch:8 
1: Dassett Tiggiwinkle
2: Daramar Heartbreaker
3: Foxcraig Magig Diamond
res: Kenquartz Take a Bow
VHC: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor

Veteran Dog /Bitch3-1
1: Totherend Blue Bell O' Ball
2: Northlear The Trappers Tail

 Judge's Critique

Judge: - Miss C Tutin

I would like to thank the officers and committee for their invitation to judge their open show,and their warm welcome and hospitality. I would also like to thank my two efficient stewards on the day, Ian Hopper and John Thomas.
The entry was very pleasing but there were quite a few absentees on the day, especially the dog classes. However I enjoyed my day and was pleased with all my class winners, makinga very satisfactory final line up, including some promising puppies, with somedifficult decisions to be made. I found one bad mouth and one kinked tail.

1st Barbers’ AlcumlowParsley – Very smart puppy, just 6months, nice shape to his head with dark eye,dense, harsh jacket on a loose pelt,good angulations both front and back, very racy and narrow all through, likedhis outline with good reach of neck and easily spanned with correct rib, he excelledon the move, pleased to award him BPD.
2nd Bryan &Pounder’s Hemlockstone Nimrod – Another nice puppy, stronger in head than 1,with dark eye and correct dentition, moved well, good front, jacket and pelt.

1st Haughton’sMarton Magic Mit Chorbeck – Nice puppy with a good head, narrow, another in harshjacket, good size and length, moved well, good rib easy to span.
2nd Roberts’Derwenthow Dusty Dogwood – Moved ok, good front and topline.

1st Lockley’sCrazytrain Pilgrim to Chatmoss – Good for type, moderately broad otter headwith dark eye and good expression, nicely laid shoulder, ribbed well back,easily spanned, would prefer slightly more bend of stifle but moved out well.
2nd Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor – Anotherwith a good head and expression, preferred movement of 1.


1st Stirling’s Chorbeck Snowfire – liked him for size, beautiful outline, masculine head withkeen expression, strong jaw and good dentition, good length of back, good toplineand tail set, thick harsh jacket, moved very well with good length of stride – RBD.
2nd Roberts’ Derwenthow Basil Brightberry – Good head onthis grizzle dog, with a strong muzzle, good shoulder, good rib, moved well andclose up to 1 but couldn’t quite match his outline and balance.

1st Fletcher’s Wadesleia Mr Herriot – Beautifullypresented in fit hard condition, thick pelt, ottery masculine head, powerfuljaw, liked his reach of neck flowing into firm topline held on the move, goodfront angulation with well laid back shoulder, narrow rib with good length,good tail and set, moved really well around the ring with drive an purpose – BD,RBIS. 
2nd Gosling’sAkenside Cumin - Another good dog of adifferent type to 1, strong head of correct shape, narrow and easily spanned,thick loose pelt, true accurate movement.

1st Render & Bean’s Borterra Boy Wonder at Manorcroft –liked this dog for his outline and length of back, typy dog, good expression,good topline and tail set.
2nd Barber’s Alcumlow Solitaire - Another dog moving andshowing well, presented in a harsh jacket, easily spanned, close decision.

1st McFarlane’s Lynsett Bold Spirit – Loved this puppy sheoozes quality, liked her size, feminine head with correct expression and darkeye, good reach of neck flowing into her well angulated shoulders, narrow allthrough, good length of rib with strong loin, super outline, presented in aharsh jacket, good hind angulation, tight feet, moved well with good reach, will watch her progress with interest, delighted to award her BPB and BPIS.
2nd Ruth’s Hemlockstone Diana at Bowencloud - Another smart puppy, blue & tan, narrowall through, good in head, rib and topline, excellent thick jacket and thickpliable pelt, moved well.

PUPPY - BITCH ENTRIES (6,1) Very mixed class of different sizes and types.
1st Render &Bean’s Ellhex Dizzie Miss Lizzie – Well constructed grizzle puppy with good angulationsfront and back, allowing her to move freely with drive, easily spanned, niceoutline, super coat and pelt.
2nd Rowland’s Kenquartz Take a Bow - Smaller puppy than 1,moved ok, good topline and tail set.

1st Pickering’s PicerAimee Gilbert – Quality bitch, well presented,super expression with dark eye and good mouth, liked her for size, easy to spanwith flat rib and good length, good topline flowing into well set tail, goodfront and rear angulations, tight feet, moved out well with drive keeping heroutline, pleased to award her BB,BIS.
2nd Ellis’Brumberhill Miss Dior – Grizzle bitch, good head with correct mouth, shown indouble jacket, liked her rib and length of back, moved well.

1st Bates’ Peakrunner Follow My Dreams – nice head, goodpelt & coat, good size, moved ok
2nd Foxcraig Magic Diamond – 3rd in puppy, typy,with nice outline and good head but not settled today.

1st Barber’s Alcumlow Azure - Beautiful outline and bodylines, excellent blue and tan jacket on thick pliable pelt, feminine otteryhead with super expression, narrow all through, good in rib, topline and tailset, well angulated shoulders balanced by good rear angulation with correctbend of stifle, free, easy and accurate movement, expertly handled. Pleased toward her RBB.
2nd Moss’s Tombac Tara at Vallemoss – blue and tan, likedher body lines and length, good head, good topline and tail set, good in rib,short carroty tail, preferred the reach of stride of 1. 

1st Gosling’sAkenside Calypso – another blue excelling in thick, harsh coat with thethickest of pelts, good in head, eye and mouth, good topline and tail set withan excellent short carroty tail, moved well, pushed hard in final line up.
2nd Inness’ FoxcraigTouch of Magic for Dexlin – another nice bitch, good head with moderately broadskull and correct expression, level topline retained on the move, moved well,close decision but not quite the outline and balance of 1.

1st Palmer’s Ch.Manorcroft Rock On Ruby – Quality bitch, shown in thick dense jacket, femininehead and expression, good reach of neck flowing into super shoulders, movedwell both coming and going.
2nd Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Mika – stronger head than 1,broad skull correct expression, easy to span, good topline, moved ok, preferredrear movement of 1.

1st Dasset Tiggiwinkle– Reserve in PGB, good outline, good jacket, easy to span moving well.
2nd DarkamarHeartbreaker - Smaller, shorter bitchthan 1, good in head with good expression, moved well, harsh jacket.

1st Wright’sTotherend Bluebell O’ Ball – blue and tan bitch, balanced outline, ottery headwith good expression, good topline with short tail well set on, good inshoulder, moving out well.
2nd Coop’s NorthlearThe Trappers Tale – Grizzle dog, good in head, moved well but not the outlineand balance of 1.
Judge Claire Tutin