2020 YLC Club Shows Results & Critiques

                                        Yorkshire Lancashire & Cheshire OPEN Show. Saturday 25th Jan 2020

                                                                    Judge Suzanne Coalham (Annesuz


                                                               BEST IN SHOW: Alcumlow Bloom JW

                                                               BEST PUPPY IN SHOW : Beaconpike Poseidon


Best Dog; Achouffe McKays Fable of Redesholt –Res BIS

Res Best Dog: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor

Best Dog Puppy: Besconpike Poseidon


Best Bitch: Alcomlow Bloom JW

Res Best Bitch: Blackmine Blue Pearl at Chorbeck

Best Puppy Bitch ; Blackmine Blue Pearl At Chorbeck



1st: Beaconpike Poseidon

2nd: Manorcroft Frankie goes to Orenberg

3rd: Otterwood Silhouette

Res: Nottorg True and Trusty for Chevinor



1st: Reedwater Doc Holiday by Dassett

2nd: Farlacroft My Friend Walter

3rd: Keebank Just in Time



1st: Achouffe Mckays Fable of Redesholt

2nd: Terabyte Blue Renagade

3rd: Chorbeck Move to the Music JW

Res: Oxcroft Loganberry


NOVICE DOG 5-1 (I transferred)

1st: Beaconpike Poseidon

2nd: Reedwater Doc Holiday by Dassett

3rd: Hawkgreen Artful Dodger



1st: Glen Mara Oh Vedo at Kersfell

2nd: Billyboy Blue at Chevinor

3rd: My Sulan Easy Ryder

Res: Weststar Lone Ranger




OPEN DOG 6 – 3

1st: Dandyhow Friendly Fire At Chevinor

2nd: Hawkgreen Artful Dodger

3rd: My Sulan Easy Ryder


Minor Puppy Bitch 2 -0

1st: Beaconpike Astrea

2nd: Nottorg Name of the Game



1st: Blackmine Blue Pearl at Chorbeck

2nd: Oxcroft Honour



1st: Brankell Countdown to Flegato

2nd: Pherlas Bluebell



1st: Brankell Countdown to Flegato

2nd: Beaconpike Astrea

3rd: Pherlas Bluebell



1st: Alcomlow Portabello Road

2nd: Oxcroft Jesse



1st: Alcumlow Bloom

2nd: Otterwood Diodem

3rd: Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath



1st: Blaisdon Step In Time

2nd: Beaconpike Venus



1st: Nottorg Name of the Game

2nd: Pherlas Bluebell

3rd: Weststar Lone Ranger



1st: Beaconpike Red Saturn


                                                YORKSHIRE, LANCASHIRE & CHESHIRE BORDER TERRIER CLUB

                                                                    OPEN SHOW 25 January 2020 Critique



I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their very warm welcome and hospitality, and the exhibitors for their entries and generous applause for the winners. There was a fabulous atmosphere throughout the day which made it a real pleasure.


Having last had my hands on the breed at this level in October 2017 I am concerned about just how narrow some of the dogs are. Whilst the breed standard calls for the body to be ‘deep, narrow, and fairly long’ it should not be taken to the point of exaggeration.  That being said my winners are very pleasing, well balanced specimens without recourse to any exaggeration and in my opinion fit for the original purpose of a Border Terrier.


Class 1  Minor Puppy Dog (4 entries)

1st Beaconpike Poseidon (Golding)

This baby is oozing breed type. I loved his size and balance. Superb otter head, keen dark eye, strong muzzle and good dentition. He has a correct front, excellent shoulder placement, deep but narrow rib easily spanned. He doesn’t make the best of himself free standing but strode out round the ring full of confidence and with a level topline and good drive from behind. Still very much a baby he has so much promise. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Manorcroft Frankie Goes to Orenberg (Gillam)

When he entered the ring I thought he was my winner.  He has a very promising head which needs to finish but he is a baby and has time on his side. He makes a fabulous outline standing and moving. Good length of back, correct rib easily spanned. I preferred the shoulders and the movement of the winner hence his placing here. I am sure he will continue to develop and will no doubt change places on another day.

3rd Otterwood Silhouette (Hollingsbee)

Class 2 Puppy Dog (4 entries – 1 absent)

1st Reedwater Doc Holiday by Dassett (Spafford)

Grizzzle dog with a fabulous head and eye. Typy balanced dog, correct front and shoulder placement, ribs well laid back and spannable, level topline, good coat and pelt to complete the picture.  He moved and showed well to top this class.

2nd Farlacroft My Friend Walter (Wait)

Another typy, well balanced blue and tan dog. He has a lovely head to improve with age. I liked his size and he created a good outline on the move.  He was out of coat on the day hence his placing.

3rd Keebank Just in Time (Keeffe)

Class 3 Junior Dog (4 entries)

1st Achouffe McKay’s Fable of Redesholt

This boy is oozing breed type. He has a good head with no exaggeration, clean neck into well laid shoulders. Correct front, ribs deep, narrow and spannable, level back, good tailset, good angulation. He was in good coat and presented a pleasing picture standing and moving.  Today was his  - Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Terabyte Blue Renegade (Green)

Similar in type to winner, good head, eye and bite. Excellent front, level back, tailset and angulation. Moved well. Unlucky to meet winner today on such form.

3rd Chorbeck Move to the Music (Haughton)

Class 4 – Novice Dog (5 entries – 1 absent, 1 transferred)

1st Beaconpike Poseidon (Golding)

2nd Reedwater Doc Holiday by Dassett (Spafford)

3rd Hawkgreen Artful Dodger (Tabern)

Class 5 – Post Graduate Dog (5 entries  - 1 absent)

1st Glen Mara Oh Viedo at Kersfell (IMP FRA) JW (Sneddon)

I liked the size and type of this boy. His head is developing well with no exaggeration. Lovely neck into excellent correct shoulders, well ribbed, narrow throughout, level topline, good tailset. He was the soundest mover in the class. His coat sadly had blown but he was a worthy winner of the class. Pressed very hard in the final line up.

2nd Billyboy Blue at Chevinor (Metcalfe)

Blue and tan dog who possesses a very pleasing head, super front, small tight feet, level topline, real carrot tail, hind angulation correct, harsh dense coat. Loved him. Just preferred the overall size of the winner.

3rd Mysulan Easy Rider (Jepson)

Class 6 – Limit Dog (1 entry – 1 absent)

Class 7 – Open Dog (5 entries – 2 absent)

1st Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor SHCM (Metcalfe)

Superb head totally correct. Good neck into well laid shoulders, best of fronts, tight small feet, level topline, correct hind angulation.  He showed and moved very well.  One of the best coats of the day which was the deciding factor in just pipping the Post Graduate Dog to take the Reserve Best Dog spot.

2nd Hawkgreen Artful Dodger (Tabern)

A blue and tan dog totally at one with his handler. Good front, tight feet, shoulders ok, level topline. Moved very confidently but not in his best coat today.

3rd Mysulan Easy Rider (Jepson)

Class 8 – Minor Puppy (2 entries)

1st Beaconpike Astrea (Golding)

Lovely pup in excellent coat, super head, excellent front, tight small feet, narrow rib well laid back, good length of body, rear angulation, excellent tail. Moved very well and with confidence.

2nd Nottorg Name of the Game (Taylor)

Another nice pup shown in correct tight coat – similar remarks apply. Head needs to finish but she is a baby and time is on her side. Moved soundly on her front, not so positively on her rear. She lost out on head and the movement of the winner.

Class 9 – Puppy Bitch (3 entries – 1 absent)

1st Blackmine Blue Pearl at Chorbeck JW (Haughton)

Gorgeous blue and tan pup of correct size. Super head with strong muzzle and correct bite. Lovely front, small tight feet, well ribbed but narrow and well laid back with correct length, true carrot tail. Presented on the day in super harsh coat she moved soundly and confidently. Pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve, Best Bitch Puppy and Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Oxcroft Honour (Price)

Another lovely pup with a superb head, clean neck into good shoulders, small tight feet, level topline. Rib just spannable. Superb coat and one of the best pelts of the day. A very nice pup.

Class 10 – Junior Bitch (4 entries – 2 absent)

1st Brankell Countdown to Flegato (Fleming)

Very nice grizzle bitch who looked an absolute picture standing and didn’t disappoint on handling. Fabulous head, narrow throughout, good shoulders, tight small feet, excellent correct hind angulation. She has the tightest of coats with a thick pelt. She lost a little on the move hence losing out in the final lineup but she is very young and her time should come.

2nd Pherlas Bluebell (Rowland)

Pleasing blue and tan bitch, a good head with strong muzzle and correct bite. She has a good front, narrow spannable rib with good length, hind angulation good. Her coat is just coming in.

Class 11 – Novice Bitch (5 entries – 1 absent)

1st Brankell Countdown to Flegato (Fleming)

2nd Beaconpike Astrea (Golding)

3rd Pherlas Bluebell (Rowland)

Class 12 – Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries – 1 absent, 1 transferred)

1st Alculmlow Portobello Road (Barber)

Very well constructed bitch with a pleasing head to finish. Good front, shoulders and rib. Shown in superb tight coat and thick pelt and moving soundly fore and aft.

2nd Oxcroft Jessie (Swallow)

A smaller bitch shown in superb condition – correct tight coat and thick pelt. Moved soundly. Just preferred the overall balance and construction of the winner.

Class 13 – Limit Bitch (5 entries – 2 absent)

1st Alcumlow Bloom (Barber)

What can I say about this stunning blue and tan who just took the ring immediately she entered it. Going over her was an absolute pleasure. Typical head with no exaggeration, super correct front, small tight feet, correct shoulder angulation and placement, good rib easily spanned and carried well back. Correct hind angulation giving her drive. She could not stand wrongly if she tried. Moved round the ring so soundly and owning every inch of it. Just beautiful.  Today she could not be denied – Best Bitch and a truly worthy Best in Show. Congratulations.

2nd Otterwood Diodem (Hollingsbee)

Another very nice grizzle bitch, good head and expression, correct front, tight feet, rib narrow, long and spannable. Excellent harsh coat and thick pelt. She kept her topline standing and moving. She did not move quite so positively as the winner today.

3rd Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath (Heathcote)

Class 14 – Open Bitch (3 entries – 1 absent)

1st Blaisdon Step in Time (Thomas)

Nice size bitch, true otter head with a good bite. Narrow front, excellent shoulder, well ribbed and carried well back, spannable, level topline, correct tailset. Very nice bitch – not moving so positively on her front today.

2nd Beaconpike Venus

Another nice bitch I have judged before. Smaller type, good head, excellent shoulders, narrow rib easily spanned and of sufficient length. She moved well but sadly not in her best coat.

Class 15 – Special Beginners D/B (5 entries – 2 absent)

1st Nottorg Name of the Game (Taylor)

2nd Pherlas Bluebell (Rowland)

3rd Weststar Lone Ranger (Swain)

Class 16 – Veteran D/B (2 entries – 1 absent)

1st Beaconpike Red Saturn (Golding)

9½ years dog. Lovely otter head, front and shoulder placement, narrow, well ribbed and easily spanned. Shown in good hard condition.  Not moving today as positively as the last time I judged him.  A worthy Best Veteran.


Suzanne Coldham (Judge)